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Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years!

Here's what you can expect from your sessions:

  • A fun, individually tailored exercise and lifestyle program, led by noted fitness expert Marilyn Moss
  • On-going email support to provide encouragement and answers to your fitness and lifestyle questions
  • Personalized fitness profile and progress report
  • Body mechanics seminar that provides the basics of safe and effective exercise
  • Plus, join now and at no additional charge, Marilyn calculate your body composition, measure your flixibility, muscular endurance and strength
What They Are Saying About Kicking It Up

"Within the first three weeks, I dropped 5 1/2 pounds. This was the
jump start that I needed to get me motivated to workout again. It was
fun and the locations were very convenience. Thanks Marilyn for mixing things up
and keeping the workouts exciting." --- Mary B.

"I worked my a** off. As long as it was
getting smaller that's exactly what I wanted. I lost over 10 lbs. the first month I
started. Of course it's all about watching what you're eating while working out.
Marilyn gave a lot of instruction on exactly what to eat as well as giving getting us
to work hard. It was a great experience. I can't wait for the 2nd month." --- Diane P.

"You get out of it what you put into it! Marilyn
is always there for you to help you in any way possible. The focus here is on you
and what you need to achieve your fitness goals. They even give you and extra day
Money and time well spent!" --- Dan G.

"Kick It Up Fitness was awesome. I was a bit apprehensive about my fitness
level but I fit right in and allowances were made where needed. I was pushed past
my comfort level but enjoyed every minute of it. I felt rejuvinated after working out and
couldn't wait until the next session. I think everyone should try it. Thanks for the fitness
boost Marilyn!" --- Ondralee M.

"The reason I joined was because I was looking for a way to
continue my fitness journey, but working out in a gym was starting to get boring.
I wanted something that would still push me to keep me achieving my fitness goals,
but keep my interest. Then I found Kick It Up Fitness and immediately
became hooked. I enjoy how it makes exercise that's normally tedious
and boring, fun and exciting." --- Nicole C.

"Thanks for making exercise fun! --- Susan V."

"I enjoyed Kick It Up Fitness! The personal attention was excellent!
I lost 7 pounds --- Monica G."

"After surgery on BOTH KNEES, I never thought I'd regain strength in them...but
I have!" - Sharon P.

"I have more energy and sleep better at night. I have more stamina for
physical activity and lost a few pounds (about 4% of my body weight)." - Christi W.

"No Diet Pills! No B12 shots! No pre-packaged food plans! No Gimmick products!
No Surgery! I lost 9 pds in 4 weeks! Lost 2% of my Body Fat! And, I dropped one
dress size. I LOVE the results! Thanks to Kick It Up Fitness, applicable [lifestyle]
information and an excellent Trainer, Marilyn - who tailored the excercises to my
specific needs. It REALLY works!" --- Lynda V.

"After going through menopause, no one told me I would be gaining weight. Within
2 weeks of joining the Boot Camp, I lost 7 pounds. It was just the right level
for me and was able to keep up with all the encouragement I received. The Camp
has also showed me how to adjust my eating habits, combined with the exercise,
it made quite a difference. The inches came off as well. Thanks for all your
support." --- Gloria F.

"I like Marilyn and her assistant. They both were encouraging and very helpful. I
like the kind of push they gave me to help me improve." --- Debbie A.

"I truly enjoyed my experience. Marilyn is full of energy and enthusiasm. She
pushes everyone at the level she knows they can handle, but not so much we cannot
walk the next day! I lost 10 pounds and am starting to notice toning!" --- Diane H.

"I really enjoy bootcamp. It is challenging, always different and you get a great
workout. Marilyn is wonderful and really seems to take a personal interest in her
clients." --- Janet K.

"The initial seminar and information relative to your individual metabolic
rate motivated me to become conscious about my eating habits. Changing my
diet and increaseing my exercise with the boot camp activity and at least
1-2 days outside of my sessions, yielded a weight/fat loss of 9 pounds. I learned
that becoming a fit and healthy person is truly a lifestyle change, one that
must be consistent." --- Carolyn A.

"Kick It Up Fitness is the best! Marilyn's experience and resources provided
just what I needed to make lasting changes in my fitness and lifestyle routines.
Lively and effective exercise done with a group in an outdoor setting is much
more fun than going to the gym! The momentum built from using the strategies
I've learned keep my movtivation strong. This program delivers and the results
show with each week of commitment. I know what I need to do and I am able to
stay the course. Many thanks to Kick It Up Boot Camp and Marilyn."--- Kate H.

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