One Size Workout...
...Doesn't Fit All

All Programs Have the Leanbody Personal Touch™.

LeanBody Conceirge Personal Training™

Our goal speific personally designed programs will get you the results that you may have thought were impossible. We incorporate our revolutionary FLEX™ program that will reduce your aches and pains.

5/5  ★★★★★  After participating in FLEX sessions I noticed a significant reduction of tension in my muscles and a noticable increase in flexibility in my movements. Thanks Marilyn. I am feeling younger. --- James Q, Esq.

5/5  ★★★★★   I truly enjoyed my experience. Marilyn is full of energy and enthusiasm. She pushed me at the level she knows I can handle, but not so much I cannot walk the next day!I lost 10 pounds and am toner than I have ever been. --- Diane H

My 24/7

Personal Trainer™

We can create a personal program that will fit your lifestyle for less than the price of your daily coffee. Our program includes the LeanBody Personal Touch™ complete with a 3D workout plan and unlimited access to out trainers while we get you the results you thought were impossible.

My Healthy Pantry™

Marilyn Moss offers and in home assessment and helps you create an organizational routine that will allow you maximize your success. You will be amazed at how much eaiser it is to achieve your goals when your kitchen is organized for success. Learn which foods in your cabinet are healthy and which foods have hidden dangers. Learn how to make delicious substitutions for your pitfalls. Ogranize your kitchen so that heathly choices are eaiser to make than unhealthy pseudo healthy choices.