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Kick It Up Fitness offers the benefits of a personal trainer in an affordable, small group setting. Marilyn gives each participant individualized attention and the group provides moral support and encouragement to one another. Marilyn is an extremely knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition, fitness, weight management, and exercises targeting each muscle group. She will adapt and tailor exercises and activities to the fitness levels and goals of each individual. Appropriate activity levels are determined by many factors taken into consideration to avoid physical harm of damage. Participants do not compete with one another but try to elevate their personal levels of activity and fitness. Marilyn is always positive and encouraging and I never felt badly that I am unable to do what others can. I feel so much better both physically and emotionally after only four weeks that I genuinely miss camp on the days that I cannot attend. Kick It Up Boot Camp has done wonders for my personal fitness, energy level and morale. It is truly a long-term investment in a healthy, fit future.

Joanne M