Kick It Up Fitness Programs

Our Exercise Program

After nearly two decades of research, we have developed a revolutionary 20-day exercise program that will help you lose your unwanted fat! Our scientifically based program is designed to be fun while helping you achieve your health and fitness goals! Each day is different and designed to be an integral part of the workout process. All of our daily workouts utilize a cross training structure that will guide you toward your desired results. Kick It Up Fitness was designed by Masters level exercise physiologist Marilyn Moss to help you achieve maximum benefits while minimizing risk of injury. Each day, our program combines the elements necessary for maximum results, including strengthening, stretching and cardiovascular exercises. Pilates and core training are also integral parts of the program.

  • Light cardiovascular warm up followed by static and dynamic stretching
  • Walking/running
  • Calisthenics
  • Mat pilates
  • Military drills
  • Sport specific drills
  • Band and tubing work
  • Jump rope
  • Free weights
  • Strength training
  • Plyometrics
  • Abdominal and core training
  • Post workout stretching

We use the overload principle of exercise in our program. This principle states that your body will change only when forced to go beyond its customary level. There are some important considerations in the design of a program utilizing this principle. First, it has to be safe. The adjustments in load must be gradual enough so that no injury occurs. Second, it has to be fun. It's darn difficult to push yourself hard enough to make changes, so if you aren't having fun, you probably won't continue. Does this sound familiar? "Tomorrow I am going to work out to that exercise video" or "I will work out on my home gym later."

We will teach you how to eat so you can achieve your goals and elevate your metabolism. My Healthy Cabinet™ and Prograde are our partners in teaching you how to eat to achieve your goals without ever having to go on a diet.

Our Motivation Program

It doesn't matter how effective a program is--if you don't do it it won't work! Here is where we really help! Once you join our program, your classmates and instructor become your family. Through games and interactive activities, we really get to know each other so that we can help motivate each other. Each day you will have a different buddy to "play with," and your instructor will be available 24/7 to help you avoid your old pitfalls. Also, there is nothing more motivating than seeing your peers drop that unwanted fat and feel and look better than ever, and it will happen all around you! SUCCESS CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE THAT FIRST STEP AND WE WILL HELP YOU WITH THE REST!